The Crime Scene: Tow truck driver accused of killing robber; mom leaves child in car for casino; and ex-D.C. cop scrutinizes police force

crime scene

We round up the top crime stories because you work on your New Year’s resolutions. • Tow truck driver charged with murder after police said he mowed down man who robbed him (Washington Post) • Montgomery County Capt. Tom Didone teaches safe driving after loss of teenage son (WJLA) • Prince George’s County officials tout second […]

The Crime Scene: Composite sketches before and after; Santa who was shot forgives; and horse whisperers behind bars

A real estate agent described a woman who had attended an open house in which a gun, medication and other items were taken in March 2008. Detectives tracked the woman down based on the sketch, and police say she confessed to this and other incidents where she posed as a potential homebuyer to steal items. (Courtesy of Capt. Thom Shaw/Loudoun County Sheriff's Office)

• Case of Pr. George’s man accused of serial killings leaves police, families unsatisfied (Washington Post) • Santa who was shot forgives, moves on (WJLA) • Man wanted in Metro kidnapping turns himself in (WNEW) • Hammer attack suspect in court (NBC4) • Composite sketches waning amid new technology, but some departments still use them […]

The Crime Scene: ‘Duck Dynasty’ impersonator robs bank; FBI secret book left at library; and victim forced to ride Metro

Security camera footage captures a man wearing a Santa-style beard as he fires shots and robs a PNC bank in Laurel on Dec. 21. (Laurel Police)

We round up the top crime stories because there’s only two shopping days until Christmas. • Snafu leads to FBI’s ‘secret interrogation manual’ available to library goers (Mother Jones) • College police forces begin patrols beyond borders (Associated Press) • Fastest growing crime, barely registers to most Americans (The Atlantic Cities) • Woman pulled from Md. river, […]

The Crime Scene: Teens posting racy photos; firefighter accused of theft; and the latest on D.C.’s ‘shadow campaign’

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We round up the top crime stories because you need to get out of Dodge. • Prosecutor cites links between D.C. officials and contractor (Washington Post) • Boy, 10, tracks down recipient of stolen Christmas package (NBC4) • Md. state police warn of increase sexual postings by teens (WBAL) • D.C. firefighter accused of felony […]

The Crime Scene: Masked stalker nabbed outside school; ex-White House attorney held liable in wife’s beating; and thieves target church

David H. Shumaker is accused of stalking and attempting to abduct a woman at an area elementary school.

The Crime Scene. It’s the crime scene to be seen. • Former White House attorney held liable for beating wife (Gawker) • Masked man charged in attempted abduction at elementary school (NBC4) • P.G. police officer admits to warning targets of federal drug investigation (D.C. Crime Stories) • Church targeted by thieves during choir performance […]

The Crime Scene: D.C. cameras capture millions of license plates; AU president defends lockdown; and 2 dead on BW Parkway

An Amtrak train heading from Norfolk to Boston on Thursday, hit a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria that attempted to cross rail tracks in Waverly, Va., leaving this wreckage. The driver was recovering at a hospital. None of the passengers on board were injured. (Virginia State Police)

We round up the top crime stories because you need to get out of Dodge. • D.C. school teacher who landed on FBI’s Most Wanted pleads to child porn (D.C. Crime Stories) • D.C. cameras capturing millions of license plate numbers (WAMU) • American University president defends lockdown decision (WJLA) • Person in custody after […]

The Crime Scene: Teens on GPS bracelets run wild in D.C.; 1982 slaying of Fairfax woman reopened; and about that AU gunman…

Crime scene tape fingerprint

The Crime Scene: It’s the crime scene to be seen. • Teen defendants run wild in D.C. — even while wearing GPS bracelets (Washington Times) • D.C. officer charged with prostituting missing teen (D.C. Crime Stories) • D.C. officer charged with child porn confirmed dead after Potomac plunge (D.C. Crime Stories) • Residents skeptical that D.C. […]

The Crime Scene: ‘Spare a square’ pickpocket sentenced; flying deer hits jogger; and Pentagon visitor carried pot

crime scene

It’s the crime scene to be seen. • Questions arise about criminal background checks of D.C. jurors (Washington Post) • ‘Spare a square’ bathroom stall pickpocket sentenced to 3 years in prison (Baltimore News Journal) • Visitor tried to sneak a lot of pot into Pentagon (Gawker) • ‘Tower dumps’ give police masses of cellphone […]

The Crime Scene: Billionaire Mars heiress avoids jail; jump in Metro fare cheaters; and pumpkin used to smash window

Asphalt fire

We round up the top crime stories because you need to get out of Dodge. • D.C. police officer under investigation in sex trafficking case after runaway, drugs found at house (D.C. Crime Stories) • District man accused of beating, killing dogs (D.C. Crime Stories) • National Science Foundation IT worker pleads guilty to stealing […]

D.C. police officer under investigation for sex trafficking after runaway teen, drugs found at home

(Photo by John Kopkowski)

By Scott McCabe D.C. police are investigating whether one of their own officers was running a prostitution ring after investigators found a runaway girl and other young women at his home in Southeast Washington. According to documents filed in federal court, a 16-year-old girl who had gone missing told police that the officer bought sexy […]