Strip club security staff sues Ex-Ravens player, D.C. police officer for altercation

Stadium Club

Security members at a popular Washington strip club have filed a $4 million lawsuit against a former Baltimore Ravens player, a D.C. police officer and the District of Columbia for an altercation that left two bouncers injured.

LaQuan Williams

LaQuan Williams

According to the lawsuit, during the early morning hours of June 23, then-Ravens wide receiver LaQuan Williams and his entourage of about 30 people were hosting a party at Stadium Nightclub, a huge gentleman’s club whose praises have been name-dropped in songs by rappers Drake and Lil Wayne.

At about 2:40 p.m., Williams and his group were asked to leave the business because some of the attendees were “smoking marijuana and other illegal substances,” according to the lawsuit filed in D.C. Superior Court.

The security personnel, Owen Collier Jr. and Anthony Smart, escorted Williams and his party outside to the parking lot where, the lawsuit alleges, the professional football player and several members of his entourage assaulted Smart. Williams said he suffered serious bodily injuries.

D.C. police arrived, wielding batons, the lawsuit said. As Collier walked toward fellow security member Smart, an police officer, identified as Anthony McRae, struck Collier in the eye with a police baton, the lawsuit alleges. Collier suffered serious injury to his eye and a “traumatic brain injury,” the lawsuit said.

Collier and Smart are suing for negligence, assault, and civil rights violations.

Williams, who played for the University of Maryland Terrapins, was released from the Ravens in September. He was picked up by the New England Patriots earlier this month.

— Scott McCabe