Social Security employee accused of taking $55,000 in kickbacks from D.C. disabled

A Social Security Administration employee has been charged with demanding and receiving $55,000 in kickbacks from D.C. residents seeking disability benefits.

Forty-six-year-old Christopher Payton, of Mount Rainier, was charged with receipt of a bribe by a public official. He is scheduled to enter a guilty plea next week.

Payton worked at the Anacostia office in Southeast Washington where he approved Supplemental Security Income benefits for blind, disabled, and elderly people who have little or no income.

According to charging documents, from January 2013 to May 2013, Payton used his position to convince 13 applicants to pay him in order to qualify for their federal benefits or an increase in their disability payments.

“Payton told them, in substance, that if they gave Payton a tip, Payton would take care of them,” according to charging documents.

Payton then accessed their SSI database accounts, then retroactively increased the payments which were transferred to the bank accounts.

After confirming the bump in illegal SSI benefits to their bank accounts, Payton would then meet the individuals around the Anacostia neighborhood where he received the kickbacks, court papers said.

Over the five months, Payton received $54,700 in bribes.

  • blackconservative

    Obama voters…..redistribute wealth…..typical…

  • Domestic Errorist

    Mo’ reparations!

    • infadelicious

      There’s always room for jello … And mo’ reparations

  • Will Rogers

    THIS is why I want these federally mismanaged programs to be shut down. I am just as charitable as the next but our federal government is rife with corruption…and the many welfare abusers to boot.

    • infadelicious

      Will– I agree but are there ANY govt programs that are NOT mismanaged ??

      • The Bobster

        Come on. Look at your typical gubmint “employee”.

      • Will Rogers

        Welfare and warfare are both rampant with fraud and abuse…I agree.

  • Robert Mull

    So when does they government get that money back??? And the people that were or trying to get SS from this clown should be re-interviewed to see if they really are eligible for disability. This makes me sick we have some people that cannot work and we should take care of them and then we have people that have no intention of working that get SS and that is wrong.

  • Booger Brown

    I can’t wait until the Federal Government is fully in control of all Healthcare!

  • Greg Gebhardt

    Just a “Tip of the Iceburg”!!!


      FEDS: ObamaFailedEverify. com

    • John (magnum)

      An out of control guberment !

      When are people going to stand up and say ‘enough is ENOUGH ?

  • throwemout

    The fraud, waste and embezzlement in a 3.2 trillion dollar federal budget is enough to pay for the uninsured per year for health care. Our government is failing because it is too big to succeed.

  • snapperman

    It seems it should read : “disabled”.

  • Tom Mixx

    If one out of ten fedgov “workers” (names chosen by lottery) were anally impaled and displayed alongside public roadways, it would be a show of good faith to the decent taxpayers of the nation – I mean this only in the best way of course.

    • The Bobster

      And let their corpses rot for a few years.

      • Tom Mixx

        you’re strict…

        • The Bobster

          But fair. ;-)

  • Don

    Just a government employee using his taught skills to get ahead.

  • jjr5268

    So a “disabled” applicant is willing to pay a kickback…….what does that say too.

    • Lea C.

      I’m not saying there isn’t abuse and fraud, but if it’s the only way to get the money you are truly owed and need what else do you do?

      • jamesben

        Really? You’re officially part of the problem.

        • Lea C.

          So I’m 72 years old, blind thanks to macular degeneration after working my whole life and this goon tells me the only way to get me benefits is to pay him off. I’m old, scared, and need my check. How does that make me part of the problem?

  • Vasco DeGama

    He’s probably getting a job offer from Holder even as we speak

  • C. Adkins

    if Harry Reid can do it, it must be ok.

  • Snott Boogie

    There is very little employee fraud in SSA programs, as safeguards are in place which is probably how this turd was caught. Large retroactive payments are reviewed by others and a third signature is needed in many cases. This employee was stupid and was sure to be caught.

    • Disobey

      We wonder, then, how Barry Seotoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, made his fraudulent past disappear, what with Eric Holders’ first task, on January the 20th, 2009 as Attorney General of the United States, to seal and or destroy any and all public or private records of Mr. Seotoro.
      Guess fraud check missed that one, huh?

      But amerikka is so much fun, so who really cares! I need a picture ID so i, a 53 year old man , can enjoy an alcoholic beverage in a restaurant but the smart people argue that I dont need a picture ID to vote for criminals in suits and whores wearing pearls.

  • Disobey

    Typical criminal amerikkan working for the criminal amerikkan government to pay for criminal amerikkan terrorism around the world. Sorry, not amerikkan terrorism: I meant to say supplanting and supporting amerikkan ideals and freedom around the globe, by unilateral militaristic actions and drone attacks on bad people in foreign countries.

    This is how the machine works, so why is this a news story.
    Coming soon to amerikka. Do you have yours, yet? I do.

  • mwayne09

    Why not a picture of the accused ?
    I bet I know why. Never mind.

    • Disobey

      Black people always look so mundane and bored in their mug shots, dont they? They all look the same , anyhow.

    • FAAQ2

      Yes perhaps because he is BLACK ????

  • jamesben

    So, D.C. Fed drone was “working the system” and the taxpayers out here don’t even get a mug shot? What’s this country coming to?

    Oh ya, it’s become “ObamaNation.”

  • Simon Brown

    Illegal aliens received $26 Billion Dollars in fraudulent income tax returns and Earned Income tax credits. That is $26 BILLION. The government knows about it but does nothing. Rome is burning before your eyes folks.

  • rfrey1967

    And I bet he or she is getting unemployment


    One simple question from any one who cares to answer…
    if social security is so great, why is it mandatory to participate? If the program was solid on its own merits, everyone would bang the doors down to participate.
    getting back 20-45 cents on the dollar that was taken from you over your working years, doesn’t seem like a good deal.

  • Off Duty

    It’s the “new” entrepreneurialism folks. The man is merely carving out his niche.

  • JimmieMee

    what’s the harm….they were all democrat voters weren’t they?

  • Amerika

    Greed is inherit in those with power and prestige!

  • Regor

    $55,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions paid to loafers.
    Get back to work.

  • ramoncramon

    Perp pics please. Maybe he went to an affirmitive action college.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Tip o’ the iceberg, American taxpayers. Tip o’ the iceberg.

  • joeyblueyes


  • Pull Urownwait

    You can bet there’s a guilty lawyer involved in this as well. Probably one you’ve seen on TV.

  • libertees

    The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
    - Vladimir Lenin

  • The General

    Looks like he just qualified to run for office. Something tells me he’ll be running for DC mayor in the not too distant future.

  • remmy

    Not a “smidgen” of corruption.

  • Crocodile9

    All levels of government are rife with fraud and corruption: IRS, ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, EBT, ad nauseam. The IRS squanders billions in fraudulent tax refunds every year. The problems lies in dishonesty, incompetence and lack of accountability and starts at the top levels. The Government Accountability Office is apparently accountable only to Michelle.

    • Lorenzo A Vina

      Can you say “Wealth redistribution”?

  • gimmemymoney

    Just another way of redistributing the wealth… Nothing to see here… move along…

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Obamanonmics 101: “Cost is no object if you don’t pay your bills”.

  • Voulezvu

    This guy is qualified to work for the IRS.

  • nondescript

    Why is this a problem? he is just doing what his bosses do, only on a smaller scale. Maybe he should have bumped some of his proceeds up the ladder?

  • psuforever

    Bet he still has his job next year

  • thedogwalker

    So where was this happening? Was it in Washington State or in DC?

  • Texmom

    What happens to the Americans that provided the bribe? Shouldn’t they be arrested too?

  • MichMike

    Fired, no pension, no benefits, prison!

    • ImMikeSpike

      Promoted, Salary increased, new office.