HBO star makes surprise cameo shortly after 7-year-old girl’s shooting

Actor and comedian T.J. Miller showed up at the crime scene shortly after a young girl was shot at a playground in Northwest Washington. (Photo courtesy Carlos Martinez/NBC4)

Actor and comedian T.J. Miller showed up at the crime scene shortly after a young girl was shot at a playground in Northwest Washington. (Photo courtesy Carlos Martinez/NBC4)

T.J. Miller, the shaggy-haired actor on HBO’s new hit “Silicon Valley,” appeared at a D.C. crime scene minutes after a 7-year-old girl was struck by a bullet Tuesday night.

Sharp-eyed photojournalist Carlos Martinez of NBC Washington recognized the up-and-coming comedian in front of yellow crime scene tape and videotaped the actor before Miller ducked away. Martinez posted a photo of Miller on Twitter and pointed out a red stain on the actor’s pants.

It’s unclear what Miller was doing in the Park View neighborhood, one of the rougher areas in that part of the District. He and his publicist could not be reached Wednesday.

According to his social media postings, Miller was in the Washington area this week, touring the national monuments and co-hosting a podcast “Cashing In With T.J. Miller.” In the HBO show, Miller plays an arrogant blowhard who smokes a lot of pot and ingests mushrooms.

Police said a gunman entered the playground in the the 600 block of Morton Street, NW, around 7:30 p.m., and began shooting, striking a 7-year-old girl and an adult male. Both victims were expected to survive with minor wounds.

On Tuesday, police announced a reward of $10,000 and released a description of the shooting suspect. He was described as a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.



  • Tom Magee

    Sounds like art imitates life with this clown. When he takes a bullet while trying to score some dope, Hollywood will blame the gun.

    • Tim

      Yeah, when they should have blamed the criminalization of self medication.

      • Tom Magee

        What else can you do when you run a massive welfare state? If you legalized dope and left the welfare system untouched, we would have a $100 trillion dollar national debt before 2020 and very few folks would be out there sweating to pay taxes.

        • Tim

          If we actual were able to end the war on drugs their must have been a huge shift in our government which means the welfare state would be over. I am ok with unemployment benefits, but if you do not work then you do not eat.
          There are definitely certain disabilities that I have no problem helping out as long as there are checks and balances so they can not keep having kids and increasing their pay and teaching their kids how to defraud the taxpayers in an extremely corrupted system.

          • JohnK625

            If you receive free stuff from the government, you should not be allowed to vote.

            Nothing is a clearer “conflict-of-interest issue than voting for politicians who promise to give you more government largesse.

          • Egullsklaw

            Everyone on planet Earth has a god given right to vote in US elections. Nobody can take that away.

          • Another_LIE

            Well said!

          • GoingTactical

            Love those Joe Biden quotes.

          • kbed

            idiot. you mean US citizens have the right to vote in US elections. although your statement has been proven pretty accurate with this limpdik prez, let the illegals vote, let them all vote! we have fallen so far.

          • Kelly T. Cochran

            and yet, you guys seem to love him so much because you constantly rail about how Obama needs to be impeached and thrown into jail.

          • cobrasixfour

            I think you’re confusing “love” with “unfortunate collateral side effects”.

          • Strawberry Garcia

            I’ll take a buffoon over somebody that is intentionally trying to destroy this country

          • kbed

            if you agree with the constitution. then damn near all politicians belong in jail, they just happen to be at the top, hence the constant railing.

          • space_menkey

            Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but there is not “right” to vote in national elections.

          • Egullsklaw

            Meant to be sarcasm, but, the “Progressives” act that way.

          • Fred

            You need to re-read the Constitution.

          • Kevin Watson

            What country do you live in?

          • magic1114

            You hit the nail on the head with that one! Great idea!

          • Kelly T. Cochran

            You mean like my VA check?

          • Derp_Meowslurp

            don’t be stupid. You earned that check. Alot of govt programs help people, but those are usually the ones you can’t game

          • Egullsklaw

            Every government agency already a program like you describe. They don’t work.

  • Tim

    This must be made up….. D.C. has banned guns and shooting little girls so obviously this is made up.

    • Tom Magee

      It is part of the vast right wing conspiracy designed to make our historic black president look bad.

      • MGBSE

        …maybe moochie should hashtag obama’s “sons” not to murder obama’s “girls”.

        • Rick Sander

          Thats pretty great.

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        Obama is half black, like Philip Chism (do a Google Image Search to verify).

        • disqusisdumb9

          But he’s ALL n*gger.

          • Buck Disqus

            He’s all jackass, as are you, troll for democrats.

          • disqusisdumb9

            Yeah, ’cause demoncrats regularly go around calling the president a n*gger….LOLOLOL – you can’t even get your narrative straight, dumass!

          • Danny Weeks

            you’re busted. BTW, it’s dumbass, not dumass.

          • Buck Disqus

            A/ the KKK was formed by Demoncrats.

            B/ only a$$$holes think pres scumb*gs skin color I’d the real problem.

            C/ so either you are a stupid waste of skin disgracing those of us on the Right fighting the islamo Marxist POS in the WH, or you are a Dem troll failing at embarrassing us.

            D/either way, take THOSE NARRATIVES, and GFY and ESAD.

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        Thug life culture is not a conspiracy. WURRRR STARRR !!

      • disqusisdumb9

        He’s doing a pretty good job of that on his own. No outside help needed. A natural.

    • Ron Burgandy

      And clearly this was a gun free zone.

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        The single best predictor of violent crime in every US state and DC is the percentage of the population that is black or hispanic. It’s a 0.81 correlation, compared to a 0.35 correlation for level of poverty, 0.36 for education & unemployment figures.

      • boyfromthedwarf

        And all gun related crimes are carried out by gun owners. Why do gun owners have such violent behavior?

        • WalterByrd123

          All gun related crimes are committed by people who breath oxygen…we MUST REDUCE THE OXYGEN CONTENT OF THIS ATMOSPHERE AND PROMOTE MORE PEACE AND LESS VIOLENCE!!!!!

          • StarGlock

            Shhhhhhhh, don’t give them any more ideas. You know they’ll try anything.

          • cobrasixfour

            So you’re a ‘global warming enthusiast’ eh?

          • boyfromthedwarf

            You sound like a pretty violent person.

          • WalterByrd123

            Dear Boyfromthedwarf….
            Never hurt anyone in my life!
            I just don’t get your fear of guns, or the bizarre blaming of an inanimate object for human behaviour…Isn’t that sort of Victorian?
            You might be very poorly homeschooled?
            No offense intended…
            But seriously, can you blame the hammer when you hit your thumb, the car when the accident happens? Do you blame gonorrhea on evil bacteria or human choice, or perhaps a combination of both?
            Ahhh now were moving in the right direction! Gonorrhea.

          • boyfromthedwarf

            Look – I’m a gun owner, but agree with the concept of reasonable gun control. By that I mean gun free zones and developing new tech like smart guns. It irks me when posters like Ron up there use events like this to score cheap political points. I’m just throwing it back, and many here can’t seem to handle that.

          • WalterByrd123

            Ok, no smarmy, smart ass cracks from me. I got you.
            My observation would be this, I do understand the fear of more control.
            Generally, the govt ALWAYS gets it wrong.
            They pretend to create a system to (monitor-control-observe-regulate) the sociopath, the criminal, etc etc etc…but given the clever nature of man, the net they build always catches us, the honest, the working, the ordinary guy and the clever criminal slips through, leaving us naked, alone and UNPROTECTED….so many of us say, “Leave us alone, we’ll take our chances, I’ll protect myself, regulate my own neighborhood, create our local control”….sure, occasionally we’ll blunder, you’ll have a Trayvon Martin event, but by and far, local control, neighborhood level control, vastly supercedes Federal and State management…
            This would apply to almost any arena

          • Kevin Watson


          • Kevin Watson

            It’s a greenhouse gas, y’know….

        • Derp_Meowslurp

          You serious brah?

          • boyfromthedwarf

            Not really. Just disappointing to see Ron using this to score cheap political points. Thought I’d even the playing field a little, but these posters seem to be pretty uptight and sensitive…

        • Billy Vaughn

          And all knife related crimes are carried out by knife owners. Why do knife owners have such violent behavior? See how stupid that comment sounds?

          • boyfromthedwarf

            You can’t argue the statistics so you make up a straw man.

        • Michael Bobier

          your comment makes me want to puke. you could apply that philosophy to every aspect of life if you wanted to.

          • Red Wolf

            Oh come on, that’s obviously sarcasm. If it’s not he’s got a brain hemorrhage or something.

          • Herb

            liberals are known for the hemorrhaging of their brains

          • Michael Bobier

            don’tforget about eating your own ear wax as well

          • Michael Bobier

            i thought so too but to think that there are probably millions of people out there that do think this way still wants to make me puke. to those that do do not worry about a brain hemmorhage. you have to have a brain to hemmorhage in.

          • boyfromthedwarf

            You must have a very sensitive stomach.

        • EnoughAlready911

          Every Drunk Driver used a vehicle for their crime….lets ban all vehicles!

          • getinit56

            Marriage is the leading cause of divorce. Statistically speaking, 100% of a divorces , started with marriage. I married Miss Right. I just didn’t realize her first name was Always.

          • doubled

            If cars were invented today 100% chance the gov’t would deem them too dangerous for average citizens to drive.

          • boyfromthedwarf

            You’re losing sight of the issue – why are gun owners so angry to the point that they have to take their frustrations out on law abiding citizens? Why can’t gun owners follow the law in gun free zones?

          • WalterByrd123

            Yeah boyfrom…why can’t people obey laws?
            Major important question.
            Moral failure?

        • mick0311

          The question is, how many of them legally owned their guns? You already know the answer to that though, don’t you?

        • Herb

          99% of gun crimes are committed by people who didn’t get a hold of a weapon through legal channels.
          Also 95% of all crimes are committed by liberals

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        FBI: Crime in the United States, Table 43, calculate PER CAPITA numbers from from Census data. African Americans commit a DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE amount of crime compared to other races in the US.

    • Perso Nasplit

      Hes probably some tea partier. you know, like all the other shootings have been. oh wait….

      • seign .

        No, they’re too busy with cheating on their taxes and commiting white collar crimes. You know, the kind of crimes that have caused the housing crisis or the type that caused the banking crisis, ruining the lives of millions.

        • jbbigf

          Those crimes were also committed in DC.

        • IamnottellingYou

          Those crimes were committed by the government. But thanks for playing.

        • cobrasixfour


        • alien5

          you posting the above statement shows how ignorant you really are , but then again they are not robbing each other or killing each other . Hopefully that continues in the cesspool of d.c

        • Derp_Meowslurp

          Is that why most of the Fortune 500 companies give more money to democrats? To make that statement means you have no idea how Democrats vote. Shutting down competition can only be achieved through govt regulations, not lower taxes.

        • TexasGator

          Are you really that thick? What party was Dick Fuld (in case you don’t know – Lehman) or the President of WaMu or Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Oh, thats right – democrat. Get some facts, take a nap and think about them before you open your ignorant pie-hole. Know what your talking about or just stay home. Moron. Both parties have their share of issues but if you look at the facts the overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies donate to the Democratic party – Google, Ebay, Facebook – so on and so on.

        • undergraduate

          Ah, yet another left drooling idiot heard from.

        • sonofamichelleo

          He said tea partier, not Democrat.

        • Herb

          Actually, those corps all donated to the democrats, who pushed the bills to allow the housing bubble in the first place

      • Daniel F. Melton

        But you know that according to the libs all TEA partiers are RACIST… How could the suspect be black and a member of the TEA party?

    • libwithIQ

      Want to bet that this gun wasn’t owned legally. Yet you will hear a loud noise from D.C. now about any gun ownership. Libs never let a good tragedy go to waste.

      • Brice

        Not tragedy, crisis.

        • libwithIQ

          With Libs everything except a tax hike is a crisis.

          • Kermit

            you seem to be making it a crisis.

          • Toadus


          • BodieInSD

            Idiocy on display…

          • libwithIQ

            Nope. Just stating a fact.

          • Mi

            The Left turns everything into a crisis so that they can then tax it.

      • seign .

        Yeah. I wonder how he got the gun in the first place. Oh thats right. From someone who legally owned it and either had it stolen from them or sold it to him illegally.

        • cobrasixfour

          Are you on about 30 magazine clip ghost guns again?

        • Derp_Meowslurp

          If we ban water droplets, soon the ocean will be dry. Obama told me so

        • sonofamichelleo

          The problem isn’t that the hoodie had access to a gun. The problem is, none of the honest citizens in the area do. I really don’t care who has a gun as long as anyone else can. Not to mention, it is certain he has a long criminal history already and should not be out on the street anyway.

        • Herb

          same way drug cartels in mexico get their guns….Eric holder and the BATF.

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        Watching HOOD LIFE VOLUME 3 on Youtube, I’m sure it’s the fault of guns !!

        • Frank Morris

          2nd Amennmink beez rayciss!

    • seign .

      Unfortunately there are still millions of guns on the streets due to many, many years of lax gun control laws. This is where ALL of the guns used in heinous crimes come from. Either stolen from people who legally bought them, or bought via straw purchase for the criminal. It’s going to take many, many years to clean up the streets of these guns and fix the mess that has been made thanks to the gun fanatics and lax laws. In the mean time, expect to keep hearing about innocent women and children being killed by these guns and the people who got them through either straw purchase or theft.

      • IamnottellingYou

        Naw, half the guns on the streets we’re smuggled in by Leland Yee. He is an anti-gun legislator in California who was recently caught by the FBI trying to sell guns to criminals (among other weapons, like rocket launchers).

        • cobrasixfour

          And the other half came back from Mexico after Holders Fast and Furious operations. Wait til the heavy stuff comes across the Mexican border from the Benghazi arms sales via an Iranian flight into Venezuela. Write that down and put it in a desk drawer with a date, you heard it here first.

      • notfooledagain

        You have really been indoctrinated seign. You have drunk the koolaid and now you are incapable of seeing reality. You are a tool of the left, spouting talking point after talking point. One point…where did the guns come from during fast and furious? did lax laws contributed to the massive deaths that followed that scandal?

      • Michael Muetzel


      • cobrasixfour

        Laws are ALWAYS obeyed by criminals, I mean, that’s why they’re criminals, right?

      • Derp_Meowslurp

        Britain doesn’t have gun violence….

        oh wait they do. and the incidence of stabbings are up something like 400% since the banned guns. People kill people. if they banned knives, they’d start using rocks.

      • Rudy Campilii

        WOW! seign, very profound statement. Now you wouldn’t be a troll by any chance would you? Cause you sound exactly like a government talking points.

      • undergraduate

        Your stupidity is breathtaking.

      • Greg Barton

        Would you feel better if she were killed by a screwdriver? A hammer?

        IDIOT LIB

      • sonofamichelleo

        Straw purchase is a straw argument. Theft is minimal. Data does not support your side, it supports the right of firearms ownership in an unrestricted environment. ….but silly things like facts don’t matter to an ideologue so intolerant and set in their flawed thinking as you.

        • seign .

          Well would you care to explain where the guns are coming from that the criminals are using on the streets of America?

          • sonofamichelleo

            Why is your focus so pointed on an object and not the criminal? It really doesn’t matter where a gun comes from, only what it is used for. Your focus should be on the criminal. Most of which have priors so complete that there is no reason for them to be among good people. If your argument, that quantity of guns was the cause of crime, then rural America would be awash in bloodshed. We all know it is not. The only conclusion a thinking man/woman could draw from this, is that there are other factors, exclusive of gun quantity, that cause crime. A gun is no different than a rock. It just sits there until acted upon. A criminal; however, is much different than a non-criminal, and will act when not acted upon. Thus, causing crime, on its’ own, where there once was no crime. Punish crime and crime drops. Shoot criminals when they attempt to violently harm good people and crime will drop. Take only the guns of honest people, violent crime will increase. It really isn’t that hard to figure out. Especially, with all of the supporting data so readily available. Do objective research, real objective research, and you will reach the same conclusion.

      • Leo Wiser

        No, illegal guns on the streets are the result of criminals ignoring the laws, as we said they would all those years ago, and of corrupt judges giving light sentences to thugs.

    • Harry Bridges

      no, no…. ONLY law abiding citizens can’t own guns. The Bro’s are exempt from this through an Obama secret Exec Order

    • Pat McBride

      Maybe it was one of those dangerous people that only have lead balls and non-functioning shotgun shells.

  • StoopidMunkee

    He could have at least posed with the victims for a “selfie.”

  • DearLeaderMaobama

    The description sounds just like obama’s son!

  • Perso Nasplit

    That is a good description of the suspects clothing. very little about the actual person, but hey, should be easy to track someone down by the clothes they might be wearing. APB: anyone wearing black timberlands, or black pants, or black sunglasses, or black do-rag.

    • libwithIQ

      Yeah, he was dressed like half the male population in D.C.

  • StoopidMunkee

    Here’s yet another *star* whom you have to Google to learn who they are and why they’re a *star*

    • jeffunde

      And in a “hit show”

    • Kermit

      so what show have you *stared* in?

      • Duke_Sweden

        I haven’t “starred” in any, but I’ve “stared” at a lot.

      • StoopidMunkee

        Robot Chicken, froggy.

  • Caruso

    Poor little girl. Just another day in America. If Obama had his way, the entire nation would look exactly like Washington D.C, minus the pretty architecture in the government district. Maybe we could rename the United States to the “District of Obama.”

    • Moment

      Man of lawlessness .. everywhere he goes lawlessness follows him .. Chicago . Secrets service . Washington . America

      Obama is the man of lawlessness

    • Fukuppy

      No Caruso, if Obama had his way this thug wouldn’t have a gun.

      • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

        Hahahaha….was that some kind of parable we’re supposed to figure out?
        You do know the laws in DC prevented anyone obeying the law from keeping that poor little girl from getting shot? Wake up. Obama is outbushing bush.

      • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao


      • NosVerbo,Filius

        that’s a joke, right?

      • hydtguy

        He probably got his gun from Eric holder.
        DC has a branch of fast and furious, to keep guns from the good citizens.

      • Jorge

        No if Obama had his way only the thugs will have guns.

      • Caruso

        Do you really believe that? If Obama had his way, thugs like this would be the only civilians with guns. “Gun control” only applies to the law-abiding.

  • BK Martin

    Maybe he’s just a sick twisted rubber necker…

  • px

    I bet these criminals wouldn’t be so tuff is people shot back.

    • Duke_Sweden

      That’s already a proven fact.

  • Arnold Horshack

    He was there buying drugs. Daaaaaa

  • fred

    Nothing unusual…one of Odumbo’s violent sons running loose and killing the weak and UNARMED. And Odumbo actually thinks that we will easily give up the firearms
    that we need to protect ourselves from his savage sons???…yeah right…it aint

  • fred

    Obama’s sons will only get worse…’s hottest investment..AMMO

  • targetdestroyed01

    Bet the shooter didn’t have a father in the home but had a welfare check and EBT card instead for a dad. 50 years of Liberalism on parade for all to see.

  • YaaaayBundy

    AMMO is the CURRENCY of the FUTURE.

  • YaaaayBundy

    Yeah, that’s a “ROUGH” neighborhood, all right, just the OPPOSITE of the ‘SMOOTH’ neighborhoods around CAPITOL HILL where they LIE standing UP, or the ‘SLICK’ neighborhood of only ONE HOUSE off an unused part of Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Joe Btfsplk

    Description sounds like New Black Panther Party uniform.

  • fedupwithobama

    Miller is a comedian? Who knew?

  • lmjenn

    The description of the suspect is suspect. Too detailed for a crime that may have happened really fast. How can a witness give such a detailed description? I’m having a hard time believing this report I want all the facts and it looks like some are missing. And what does the fact that a celebrity was there with a “red stain” on his pants have to do with the crime that took place other than a two bit journalist’s opportunity to drop the name of a celebrity he happened to see? What was the journalist inferring by mentioning a red stain? When the stain could have been paint or ketchup. Horrible reporting. This is yellow journalism in the modern sense.

    • YaaaayBundy

      He was apparently wearing a ‘GUY FAWKES’ mask in blackface.

  • Nick Vaccaro

    That’s a great story, except I couldn’t read everything in the first two inches because of the popup ad on the left of the screen that won’t go away. Bye bye website.

    • rainwash

      Never heard of AdBlockers?

      • Michael Wartman

        shouldn’t need ad blockers to read site content unobstructed.

        • disillusioned

          They say Windows is easier than Linux, but after awhile you have to know the nuts and bolts to fix the broken stuff. I would rather have my free OS (see Ubuntu), do the same things as Windows, set it up once and not have to defrag, run antivirus, registry fix, etc all of the time. They have instructions for set up, it’s ok to say good bye to Windows. Unless you like to play the Battlefield games, only value I see for Windows.

          • Michael Wartman

            Depends on your pov really. Some people consider the learning curve to be part of the overall difficulty I personally run windows 8 with vmware, so I have a windows 7 install, a Ubuntu install and a freebsd install

          • disillusioned

            I imagine with windows 9, they will try to get back into the PC market. I can’t see a million Chinese typing word documents on tablets unless it had a large monitor, nice keyboard.. hmm sounds almost like a PC!!!

            I’ll be laughing my butt off if they haven’t copied the few things Linux has over it, as they have with everything else.

      • disillusioned

        And ad-blockers dont help with auto-starting videos which slow your browsing experience to a crawl. I could go out and buy the news article before it finishes loading up. All the background javascripts, I guess you have to be technically gifted to be able to use either Windows or Linux (or Mac for that matter).

      • Nick Vaccaro

        Yes, I’m using Firefox with just about everything blocked, including Adobe Flash. The link from Drudge brought up this web page with the annoying ad but responding to this via the email link didn’t. Go figure. In any event, I read a lot of articles and don’t like to waste time when unnecessary intrusive ads come up and obstruct my view. So I go on to the next article somewhere else.

  • John

    I saw the red stain on Miller’s pants. He has always creeped me out, but this is somewhat more troubling.

    • Archduke Ferdinand

      Relax, John. He was on menstrual leave.

      • John

        Where does he put the tampon?

  • Silvio Greco

    And CNN won’t be shamed into covering this shooting story. So quit asking.

  • Kabong30

    WHY IS THIS NEWS?!? This just in someone was nearby when some bad thing happened. So, what?!?!? You want a news story? Here’s a news story, WE ARE LOSING OUR REPUBLIC!!! I cannot even fathom why this is being reported, let alone parroted by Matt Drudge when we have so many larger fish to fry.

  • Tommyboy

    “It’s unclear what Miller was doing in the Park View neighborhood”. Maybe he was looking to cop some weed.

  • disillusioned

    I smell some conspiracy to help push the anti gun agenda. And what the heck is he doing in DC, meeting with the communists to secure his future? And HBO is the worst of them.

    DC is a cesspool, close to Detroit except for the touristy WH and the political block of historical sites.

  • Jorge

    White people commit crimes too you know.

    • disillusioned

      Dat be rasssistsistic!!!

    • griefman

      Correct….. but for the most part, white people do not open fire in a playground with kids in it.

    • TropiChris

      Not in that neighborhood.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    what weighs more, a ton of krap or a ton of yellow journalism?

    • griefman

      They weigh the same, but the yellow journalism smells a lot worse.

  • Hans

    Wow you racists! Your are describing him as a “black male”? Where is Jesse to kick you for making that racist comment?

    • disillusioned

      Not to worry, they are readying the fema camps to contain all of the white rassists.

      • tom smith

        Super.. finally some handouts for whitey

  • Mikey

    So the shooter is identified as a 5′ 4″ black man, but a white actor happens to walk by the crime scene so the story is about the actor?

    • Jorge

      Good point, and he had a red stain on his pants.

      • Kermit

        Maybe it was his time of the month

        • Texas Wedge

          He’s probably asking right now for his menstrual leave…

    • tom smith

      Yes, they have to point out the dichotomy of the unfairly ‘wanted’ black man and free whitely with the ‘red stain’ on his pants.. Hmmmm

  • Fred Garvin

    Typical DC justice, they catch a comedian but the criminal gets away ! Or is it they catch a congressperson and they are the criminal anyway. So confusing down there in steal all the money ville !

  • TropiChris

    Stupid article. Up until the description of the shooter was given, I thought the actor was a suspect. What he heck is wrong with so-called “journalists” today? (That was a rhetorical question. I know exactly what is wrong with them.)

    • ckirmser

      I did, too.

    • Political Hostage

      Gubmint skoolz…

  • addtocart

    Shooter got the wrong person.

  • ckirmser

    So, is the story about the comedian or the girl who was shot?
    What, exactly, are this “journalist’s” priorities?

  • kogk1943

    “Enriching Diversity”????

  • Mirror of You

    Unbelievable. Let’s implicate a guy for simply being somewhere and start fueling suspicion. 2014 “journalism.”

  • John

    He was hanging out there to show he’s liberal enough to make on the big screen.

  • BoDeen

    That description sounds familiar. Isn’t that the New Black Panther uniform?

  • jnsesq

    And this is news why? Sense of the headline is the guy showed up to do a standup routine. Go back to shilling for Obama.

  • magic1114

    He was in the vicinity looking to score some crack. All he had to do is look up Marion Barry… Or is he in jail?

    • Sicilian Papa

      In jail or Mayor…..or maybe he serving as Mayor in jail.

  • Jack Schitt

    This “racsist” card people pull is getting OLD, BORING AND ANNOYING.

    Jay Rockefeller needs a baseball bat shoved up his A$$.

  • cleo48

    What is the relationship between the actor and the victim in the story? Red stain? This is journalism? Who are these people writing to?

  • 1twothree4

    Description: Black man, black shoes, black pants, black skullcap, racist silver gun.

  • Duke_Sweden

    Oh, so now black neighborhoods are referred to as “rougher” neighborhoods. I guess, then, that the perp was wearing rougher cargo pants, rougher sunglasses, rougher Timberland boots…

  • Liberalism_is_a_disease

    Where is Al and Jesse to express outrage! Move along. Nothing to see here, just another day in the hood.

  • jamesben

    So, HBO douche going “ghetto-tourist” happens upon black on black crime scene – which is as rare as BEACH SAND in Obama’s America – and it’s “news.” Got it.

  • the_iowa_hawkeye

    Why does it mater what the actor was there for? Shouldn’t the question be, “Where is the shooter and why was HE there”?

  • Americaweeps

    “He was described as a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.”

    • DeMarquise Elkins


  • bobthemoron


  • Jeffrey Coley

    On Tuesday, police announced a reward of $10,000 and released a description of the shooting suspect. He was described as a shaggy-haired white male with a beard and a red stain on his pants.

    He was probably out buying drugs, my guess.

    • Liberalism_is_a_disease

      Two witnesses were reported seeing the suspect. Police interviewed Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who provided the detailed description. Al was quoted as saying that “Whitey shouldn’t be in the hood so he must be suspect.”

  • BenDoverPls

    Not funny.

  • p_radicator

    Someone was at a crime scene. He happened to be moderately famous. More news at 11.

  • potusWORTHLESS

    Worthless news!

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Why did they describe the suspect ?? DATS RAYSISS

    • Lord_Mithras

      You a racist too white boy, thats why we play the knockout game on yo mamas no justice no peace

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        You play the knockout game due to low IQ, poor impulse control, and aggressive behavior.

  • Political Hostage

    Uhhh…could he have been buying some crack? Anyone spot Marion Berry next to him?

  • Erik Thompson

    OK, I give up. WTF is this about again?

  • ObJoeB

    I thought this article was going to be about a comedian showing up at the school to do a show and was unaware of the shooting. He sees crying & scared kids and he makes the usually banal comment, “Why all the sad faces, who got shot?”

  • Mikery

    “attacked by a bullet”? She was shot by a black male, not JFK’s magic bullet.

  • Colonel Angus

    Black male… Mid 20’s…. shooting….. Who here is surprised?

    • Lord_Mithras

      White boy will be surprised when we cross the street and knock you the phuc out no justice no peace

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        Concealed carry will make you sleepy like Trayvon.

      • Colonel Angus

        CHL here so think twice there sport.

      • big bird

        don’t you mean when you knock out old people and gays?

  • Steve Lobber

    Gang bangers doing what gang bangers do – shoot indiscriminately at their rival gang bangers, regardless of who else may be hurt or killed. America has a gang problem. Yes, I said it, a gang problem with black and hispanic gangs.

    • Lord_Mithras

      We got a problem with uppity white folk, too, but we playing the knockout game, you know, no justice no peace

      • big bird

        and if that doesn’t work out for you, burn down your town, that always sends a message

      • Quid Pro Quo

        Have you found out who your father is…. yet?

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        Let’s flag all of your posts to make you sleep.

  • Steve

    We need to ban comedians…

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    The suspect looks like Chief Keef

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Can Barry account for his whereabouts at the time that this horrible crime was committed?


    Who gives a Sh*#

  • Dust Buster

    white “entertainer” trollin in the hood for drugs. let me guess he was doing research on how and why belushi and farley died and he wanted to get into chracter

  • Moordie

    Meh…. ghetto problems. Who cares… Maybe if we paid the lowest people of society to clean for us and dig ditches instead of paying them to sit at home all day there would be less black on black crime? Ooops. I said something “racist”.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    In most states, gun homicides by blacks is much higher than that of whites. D.C. and Missouri show the highest rates in black homicide deaths.

    Source: Washington Post: “Gun deaths shaped by race in America”

  • Jasonn

    Why is that news?

  • Ralph Wiggum

    That description certainly comes as no surprise.

  • rtc_MA

    …. If Obama had a son …..

  • interesting123

    is this america, or the congo?

    • DeMarquise Elkins

      Given the number of “aspiring rappers” in the area, it’s more like Chiraq !!

  • Bigdaa

    What is the point of this inane chunk of $hit article?

  • Rhinos are just Obese Unicorns

    It’s Bush’s fault….

  • AHAisDOA

    The suspect description matches 90% of all prisoners today. I do like Silicon Valley though.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Nearly one in three African American males aged 20–29 are under some form of criminal justice supervision whether imprisoned, jailed, on parole or probation.

    • yerfackingmammy

      da man be keepen dem down!

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        DIN DO NUFFINS !!

  • yerfackingmammy

    He was described as a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.

    …like every other black male in DC…

    • 1940voter

      yeah another misunderstood AH of the democratic plantation

  • tryfreedomitworks

    So, the shooter wasn’t some white hick that just left a gun show. Imagine that.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    “He was a good boy and aspiring rapper …. cops be racist … he attended church and was an honor student … he was turning his life around … DIN DO NUFFINS !!”

    – Anderson Cooper’s interview with suspect’s family on CNN 360

    • Frank Morris

      Click on the image to open, click on image again to expand…

  • cobrasixfour

    Impossible. You can’t have a gun outside your house in DC, or in it without excessive paperwork.

    • trebor86

      That’s right. You get arrested even for ammo, unless your an MSNBC cretin

  • Linda

    Too bad I couldn’t read the article since a pop up ad covered it up partially and never went away..

    • Senor Bacon

      If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, get AdBlocker Plus. It’ll take away pop up ads.

      • trebor86

        Using dolphin, I had the ad. Until I switched from android mode to desktop

  • Michael Muetzel

    so – he’s a suspect?

  • Weezie Jefferson

    Did the idiot go there to score some dope?

  • alericKong

    First the guy who plays Peter Gregory dies, and now this guy gets it.

    Maybe computer nerds are worst than scientologists.

  • caligula

    if i understand the article correctly, a girl was shot while this tv guy was in the area buying his drugs.

    and he has blood on his pants that dripped from the heroin needle insertion point. no biggie.

  • W.A.S.P.

    Same sad story, only the names change. No description in the article, so we know it was porch monkeys.

    • Senor Bacon

      “On Tuesday, police announced a reward of $10,000 and released a
      description of the shooting suspect. He was described as a black male,
      with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin
      goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans,
      black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.”

      That was the last paragraph of the article.

  • chiliboots

    The mentioned Show has “sleaze” written all over it.

  • ToxikToung

    And his Majesty looked solomly into the teleprompter and spoke thusly, “If I had a son he would look like – a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.”

    • John Seymore

      And a hoodie….

  • Dave Walrath

    Maybe the girl shot herself after finding out what Wednesday’s Michelle Obama mandated school lunch was going to be

  • W.A.S.P.

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give
    thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their
    culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal
    neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and
    parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to
    academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who
    hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by
    the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful
    nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their
    enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do
    nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer,
    as a nation.

    Presently enriching the cites of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA,
    Washington DC, St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI,
    Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind, Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA,
    Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, New York NY, and let’s not forget
    Detroit, the tourism capital of the World!!!!!!

  • TSZodiac

    Girl killed by someone with a gun – its the Gun’s fault. Girl killed being run over, its the Driver’s fault…..I will never understand the thinking of the Anti-Gun Lobby. Ponder this – if the solution to too many teen pregnancies and STD’s is educating our young people in the dangers of sex and the proper use of contraception devices….why then is the solution to too much gun violence not educating our young people on the dangers and proper use of firearms?

  • Reader11722

    Diversity, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

    amazon com/America-Deceived-II-Possession-interrogation/dp/1450257437

  • Tracksuit Al

    According to Eric Holder, the shooter was almost certainly a victim of equal disciplinary standards, which led to his criminal behavior.

  • whocares007

    What color is medium complexion?

    • Tracksuit Al

      One part Obama, two parts Michelle.

  • Ken

    Another one of obama’s sons with a gun.

  • Gordon Johnson

    A guy tried this here in rural North Carolina a couple of years ago – brandishing a gun in a playground.

    He was the only one shot. Police arrived about 20 minutes later and took depositions from witnesses.

    Maybe Top-Down Control doesn’t work so well, eh?

  • Leon Davis

    Love it when the weapon he used is included as part of his personal description. “Nope. That ain’t him. His gun is black. We’re looking for a guy with a silver gun.”

    • kmrod

      if it was a car (even a stolen one) they would mentioned its color. what’s different about a gun?

      • Leon Davis

        C’mon, kim-rod, use your noodle. This one is right out of a Flip Wilson gag. “Be on the lookout for a guy with a silver gun.” What is this? Dodge City? Tombstone? The gangbanger is gonna ditch the gun in two seconds, Duh! But you can’t very drop a car down a storm drain or pass it off. Vehicles are licensed and registered. Guns ain’t. This is like saying, “be on the lookout for a guy licking on a creamsicle fudge bar.” If you don’t spot him within the first three minutes, (and DC cops never spot anyone within the first three days) the creamsicle be history. Funny, funny stuff. You c an’t make it up.

        • kmrod

          so i guess it’s not worth noting what he was wearing, either, right??

          should i scroll up further to find your post complaining about them mentioning his “goatee, black skull cap, black cargo pants / jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses”? maybe i missed it.

  • Guest

    Gun Free ?

  • Gordy Clownbottom

    “The white man hates us! His words really hurt our feelings! We should be able to kill each other when we want! Always keeping us down!”

  • jenkem5

    Obama supporters, always in the news.

    • Tracksuit Al

      Psssh. Don’t let them know there’s an election in a few months.

  • Farrakhan4u

    I’m shocked this story mentioned the race of the shooter…I thought that was outlawed due to disparate impact.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Janiqua shot by Trayboon?

  • ManaMoffa

    Silicon valley is a “hit” ? Who? What?

  • Tracksuit Al

    DC needs more abortion clinics.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Land of No Fathers

  • Polly Perkins

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Stick

    Any word if the shooter was a white Hispanic?

  • Dave Richmond

    a child is dead, but retarded conservatives don’t care unless it was an abortion. This is listed on Drudge Report which explains all the frothing conservative
    quackery of clueless posters. Obama is their boogie man, he is
    everywhere and responsible for everything. Obama is their muse. Now go
    hug your guns and worship Regan you degenerate treasonous scum.

    • The_Bob_Michaels

      “Obama is their boogie man, he is
      everywhere and responsible for everything.”

      So, you’re saying Obama is the new Bush?

    • dave

      do the koch brothers keep you up at night?

    • FireBlogger

      Have you ever had an original thought Dave?

    • An_Angry_American

      You are an interest in case of bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance.
      Had you actually read the story, you would have seen this:
      Quote: “Both victims were expected to survive with minor wounds.
      That means nobody was killed.
      Further, it is unlikely that the perpetrator was a conservative as he was described as quote: ”  a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s, about 5-foot-4, medium complexion, thin goatee, wearing a black skull cap, black cargo pants or black jeans, black Timberland boots and black sunglasses.”
      That fits the description of Obama’s most devoted voters.
      You, sir, are a loon.

    • 0WLBORE

      The girl in the story received a minor wound and is expected to recover as is the other victim. TJ Miller is a friend of Chevy Chase and spends most of his time in Hollywood surrounded li liberal propagandists. That sound like a conservative yo you? Pathetic. Check with you doctor ASAP. You sound like you have RLLD, Raving Liberal Lunatic disorder.

    • Wild Hog

      Good Lord. You spew replies without even bothering to read the article. You have been completely indoctrinated and are no longer capable of intelligent thought.

    • Sam Colt

      Both gr0ids were expected to survive with minor wounds

    • Brutal Truth

      Alright let me see if I got your logic correct.

      So if it has the ability to voice it’s own opinion, then it has the right to be protected, but if it is completely defenceless and has no ability to voice it’s own opinion (a fetus) then it’s “Alright” to kill it.

      Democrats make no sense what so ever, I mean really how STUPID does that sound.

    • DeMarquise Elkins

      Read the description of the suspook !!

  • Brutal Truth

    “He was described as a black male, with a silver handgun, mid 20s”

    Good luck finding that guy, that description just about described 90% of all the black guys in America.

  • Buzz351

    hmmm, maybe there’s way to tax playgrounds to end the violence.. “Its for the kids”

  • Mysteryhatescompany

    The shooter was someone named T J Miller. That’s all I know…

  • bopbee912

    There are a ton of bars right near this area. I’m sure he heard all the sirens and went to check it out.

  • Sam Colt

    A pavement ape walks onto a n|gglet playground, blasts a gr0id and its n|gglet.

    …another day in the sh! t t y life of the gr0id

    • kmrod

      it wouldn’t be a great loss if you got hit by a truck.

      • DeMarquise Elkins

        The issue is culture of violence, poor impulse control, and aggressive behavior in metro areas that have a significant African American population. For a sample, look at Atlanta Uniform Crime Reports from Atlanta PD website

        • kmrod

          i’m not sure what you were going for here……did you expect me to all of the sudden side with the moron posting “gr0id and its n|gglet”?

          • DeMarquise Elkins

            There is a reason why that statement was made. Look at WorldStarHipHop.

          • kmrod


            i’m looking at an article about an adult of unknown innocence/guilt and an innocent seven year girl.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Casting a willfully blind eye, are we?

          • kmrod

            to sam colt’s racism?

            nope, i’m calling it out.

        • JQPublic

          The issue is that there are no fathers around.

          • Afterheart

            There has been a deliberate effort by the Democrat party to divide and destroy the black family in an effort to keep them dependent and a pro-Dem voting block. American Blacks unfortunately have decided to settle on a new plantation – the Dem plantation where their overseers Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the like continue to give them scraps from the masters (the Dem party) table. It has been devastating to the black family who has seen great educational gains through the 50’s wasted. This is why blacks from Africa hold American Blacks in and black families in such disdain. Yet American blacks along with the Dem lapdog NAACP continue to blame the Republican for their plight. My heart weeps for the American black families that could have been.

          • Guest


  • Lamb Chop

    Miller was hoping to tie in the Koch brothers with the child’s murder.

  • williampenn

    A little girl is shot, but the story is about a celebrity. American “journalism.”

    • kmrod


      a little girl was shot and there were/are multiple stories about that.

      this is a story about something else that happened.

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Black men age 18-27 comprise just under 3% of the total population
    of this country, but commit 38% of all violent crimes.


    • kmrod


  • Herb

    another black guy strikes again. The actor was probably there to score drugs from the perp.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags


  • Frank Morris

    Click on the image to open, click on the image again to expand…

  • gomurr

    I saw the shooter. He wasn’t black……it was Bush.