Rockville man accused of hunting down, killing man over unpaid debt

Montgomery County police have an arrested a man they say killed another man over an unpaid debt.

Kelvin Parache

Twenty-nine-year-old Kelvin Parache of Rockville was arrested Thursday and charged with the first-degree murder of James Allen Frazier, 21, also of Rockville. Parache was also charged with use of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony.

According to police, Parache had been looking for Frazier because the younger man owed him an undisclosed amount of money. On Tuesday, Parache saw Frazier in a vehicle and began following him to various locations around Montgomery County.

Frazier left the vehicle, went inside an business, then left and boarded a Ride-On bus. Frzier got off the bus in the 11800 block of Oxbridge Driver, where police said Parache shot him.

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