Racist fliers seeking underage sex distributed door-to-door around University Park


Fliers like this one have landed on the doorsteps in University Park in the last week. (D.C. Crime Stories)

A man is going door-to-door around University Park distributing fliers that seek underage virgins for sex and marriage, and police are investigating.

University Park police said they’ve received several complaints in the last week and only obtained a copy of the flier Monday morning.

“Is it irritating? That’s an understatement. Is he out there? That’s for sure,” said Chief Michael Wynnyk. “But is he breaking any laws? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

The man is from Grand Rapids, Mich., and police there say he’s pulled similar stunts, Wynnyk said. He doesn’t have a criminal record. Wynnyk says they don’t know what the man is doing in Prince George’s County.

The one-page type-written letter, titled “Time for a New and Better Country,” and subtitled, “I ask You to be Your King,” has appeared on doors in the past week around the upscale University Park, just south of the University of Maryland.

At first blush, the piece looks like a bizarre political pamphlet. The writer proposes to “send black people and Mexicans back to their native country,” ban mothers from the workplace, and install a 5-percent flat tax.

For those that agree with his proposal, the writer asks for support, skills and talent. He said he’s willing to accept up to 100 wives per year.

“I accept young virgin girls, they must have their puberty between the age 12-16 to be my wives, princesses and concubines,” the letter says. “You must be clean, disease free and free from defects inside and outside.”

Jeremy DeMink found the flier after hearing the front screen door slam of his University Park home around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Worried that a sexual predator may be roaming his neighborhood or that a child might see the flier, DeMink rushed outside in search of the distributor.

“When it slaps you in the face at your front door, it’s very scary,” DeMink said.

DeMink found the man down the street and told him his message wasn’t appreciated. The man smiled, reached into his coat jacket and pulled out an index card that read, “I am deaf.”

The man smiled again, and left.

“He was kind of a gentleman with this terrible message,” DeMink said. He described the distributor as a clean-cut white male, in his 40s, wearing glasses, a winter hat, dark coat and gloves.

The DeMinks called University Park Police.

The man was back in the neighborhood as early as 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning, residents say. Nicole Lucier said she called University Park Police after she found a flier on her door at around 11 a.m. Sunday. She said police later told her that an officer stopped the man, obtained one of the fliers and told him he needed a town permit to distribute leaflets door-to-door

The town attorney is looking into whether any laws have been broken and if he needs a permit to distribute the leaflet, Wynnyk said.

— Scott McCabe

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