Md. police investigate shooting deaths of two bald eagles

Maryland police are investigating the shooting of two bald eagles in Montgomery County this week.

Bald eagle (Wikipedia)

Bald eagle (Wikipedia)

On Christmas, one of the eagles was found shot with a rifle in a field in the area of Georgia Avenue and Bordley Road in Brookville, according to the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

The eagle had been feeding on a deer carcass when it was shot, police said.

On Saturday, officials found an eagle suffering from gun shot wounds near a home in Deakins Lane in Darnestown. An X-ray showed that it had been shot by bird shot. The bird later died of its injuries.

Investigators believe the shootings are unrelated. Anyone with information should call officials at (410) 260-8888.

Bald eagles are no longer protected as an endangered species, but it is illegal to shoot eagles without a permit from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

If convicted, the maximum fine is of $5,000 and up to one year in prison.

  • Aunt Ester

    So we can’t use hate speech? Are we supposed to love the person who shot these eagles?

    • Jim Dee

      Aunt EstHer…That’s ESTHER, with an H now change that straight away

    • Shaw Curtis

      who says you can’ us hate speech? This is still America no matter how hard the libs try to redefine us as part of a monarchy. If you hate who did this, say so. Cal them out.

  • Markie Mark

    I heard they were just trying to lob bullets into D.C.

  • Brittius

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  • Bob Lanum

    So why are we giving a pass to “green” wind mill companies that kill thousands of birds a year….

    • C. Adkins

      what is concidered hate speech-?

      • William S Kilgore

        Any speech that disagrees with liberals.

    • Tim Vronay

      because they gave MILLIONS in bribes to politicians and bureaucrats

  • Tony Konte

    Windmills got a 30 year pardon, hows that?

  • Larry Washom

    Big-people words…

  • Bruce Beasman

    Why is this news? After all, the “renewable energy” schemes of the enviro-elite kill eagles, raptors and bats every day but lib press all but ignores that.

  • Bob Hampton

    If the bald eagle represents our country’s freedom, bravery and confidence, then half of them have already been killed off years ago by our recent administrations.

  • Jennifer Granholm

    Just classify the cause so deaths in the name of green energy. No crime.

  • Sonny Crockett

    This is certainly a story. I’d shoot the aholes who shot the birds. However, it’s only a story because guns are involved. The leftist pansy tools would rather play make-believe and think the criminals and enemies will just become nice than fight back or destroy the source.

  • Chris Beall

    I don’t really appreciate being treated like a child. Use your big-people words?????????????????? This is a non story. That two eagles are dead means nothing in my personal life and means nothing to the nation as a whole.

    • diana k

      Then you are missing the big picture. Just because it does not “hit” you personally it means nothing? You are what is wrong with the country and why we are declining.

  • SeanBusmc

    Bush Did It

  • Bob Steele

    “What difference does it make?” Obobo just authorized the killing of hundreds of eagles for the ‘wind farm’ lobby.

  • diana k

    Chop down the cost more to run them than the energy it provides. They are killing birds and bats by the thousands. Spain warned us but the libtards still moved forward on this. They are ugly and really are worthless…just like..well you know…need I say more.

  • Norman West

    the symbol of freedom and democracy being allowed to be killed for some bs wind power.

    • David Anfinrud

      To the Democrats the WindMills and Green Energy in fact are the new National Symbol of Freedom and Democracy. Not some bird. It is the fact that they are caring that should be the symbol not the real destruction that takes place due to their actions.

  • Yarply Twelve

    the bald eagle which supposedly represents freedom?

  • Yarply Twelve

    the bald eagle which supposedly represents freedom?

    Was the above worthy of moderation or do they moderate everything. Freedom. What a JOKE!

    Use big people words? Sorta hatefull there.

  • James Garitt

    Maybe the Eagles shot themselves after realizing the direction the country is going.

    • Patrick George

      LMBO!! Best comment of the rest of the year…

  • Andy M (@andymca)

    The article is not self consistent. Rifles fire bullets. Shotguns fire shells which have small pellets called bird shot. So if the eagle had bird shot in it, the eagle was shot with a shotgun, not a rifle.

  • grumpykoz

    This is a HOOT!
    The wonderful government, with Mr. Obama’s hand, has given the WIND industry the unfettered right to KILL thousands of birds, including all forms of EAGLEs, over the next 30 years! And we are worried about 2 eagles being shot in Md!
    So, in the infamous words of H. Clinton,
    “So two eagles have been shot dead, from windmils or hand guns! What difference, at this point, does it make!?”
    Get the point? If you are important to our dear leader, you can do whatever you like. Even if the GREEN PEOPLE don’t like it!

  • Jack Levitt

    Sadly it seems strangely appropriate these days to kill all the bald eagles.

  • Ken Green

    My guess would be a hunter came back in the daylight to find his deer, killed what he thought a vulture then ran when he realized what he’d shot.

  • Neal Avery

    It is OK to kill American Eagles with windmills, but not guns. Just because The Administration is against the personal ownership of guns. It was illegal to kill American Eagles by any means, but now you can get a Government Permit. “At this point, what difference does it make?” Until something happens to you.

  • D MO

    Not a surprise that the leftists in DC are now openly shooting the symbol of America, the Bald Eagle, is it?

  • Ed Kirk

    Christmas dinner?

  • Kaya Hund

    Wind farms kill far more bald eagles every year than almost any other cause of death. But, they are exempted from fines because they represent the liberal agenda.