New Update

It all starts to sound the same...I haven’t really wanted to post anything lately and I thought I would share why I think that is.  It seems like every time I look in my inbox or in my Bloglovin feed, every one of my favorite bloggers is writing about the exact same thing.  And I don’t mean fitness, or a race they just did or healthy eating/living.  I mean the exact same product.  I hate that I feel it all starts to sound the same.

So that got me thinking about my own blog.  I realize I don’t have anything to say that you can’t pull up in 100 other healthy living blogs.  Everyone is blogging these days – and there is nothing wrong with that.  Everyone has a journey they are on and sharing and accountability in the healthy living blog world is an amazing thing.  I started this blog for me and the point behind my blog was accountability and a place to share, vent and interact with others like me on a healthy living journey.

Do I sound like a hypocrite yet when my last post was all about promoting a fun run?  Here is the difference (IMO).  Although I was approached and asked to promote that run in return for a free race entry – I didn’t take that offer.  As you saw from my post, I’m not even doing the run.  I didn’t owe them anything.  I chose to still post about it, on my own, because it did honestly look like a really fun, family event.  It would be the type of event I would pay money to do and not just do because I was offered a free race entry for my honest review and promotion.  Would I have posted about it or even known about it if they hadn’t approached me? Probably not.  But I did post about it expecting nothing in return because I wanted to.

This whole post is starting to take a different feel all the sudden and I’m not sure it’s where I meant it to go – bear with me as I try to bring it all back in.  There is nothing wrong with sharing things you love and think others can benefit from, whether its a recipe, a race you enjoyed, or a product you use and believe in. I actually feel terrible that I skip a lot of my favorite blogger’s posts.  What attracted me to certain bloggers was their realness and honesty, or their humor.  Throwing in a product review for something they truly love has led me to many products I never knew about and now love and use regularly.  But when every other post is all the same product review, it takes away from the reason I started following in the first place.  That made me think about my own blog and how I didn’t want people to stop reading because I was just spitting out the same thing you can read on 10 other blogs.  And then I thought, why even blog anymore…maybe I don’t have anything of value to offer.

I needed to remind myself why I even started my blog.  My goal in blogging was never, and isn’t now, to make this into anything other than a little hobby.  This is my little spot  to share my experience and to write.  I LOVE to write but I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrible at it.  I make more grammatical and punctuation errors than I can count and thank God for spell check.  If my mom and cousin are the only people that ever read it – great!  On the flip side, if I can encourage or motivate one person to try something that has worked for me (paleo, Crossift, running, etc.) or to never give up and keep trying – then this little hobby of mine has served some sort of purpose.   But for me, it will always be a place I know I can come to and look back on where I have been, how far I have come, how many times I had to start over in my journey to “healthy” and all the fun stuff in between.I’m sure I will promote a product or race in the future.  And I’ll continue to read my favorite bloggers even though a few of them seem to include something sponsored in EVERY POST.  Just like their blogs are THEIR BLOGS and they can post whatever they want, mine is too.  If I go a week without posting, that’s ok. If my posts are random and annoying and make you want to skip them because they include no real content, that’s ok too.  If I include too many selfies, too many pictures of my food and yet another picture of my shoes, well just don’t read.  I read somewhere that it never happened if you don’t take a picture of it and post it to instagram so I take that rule very seriously…hehehe!

I know I said I was going to pull this all together with a point but I don’t know if I actually did.  I don’t begrudge other bloggers for sharing product reviews or making money off their blogs – just please not every post.  I guess I am just missing some of the normal, honest, “this is my life” posts that I used to read and enjoy from so many of them.  Some bloggers make a great living of their blogs and that is awesome.  I have a regular, full time job and this is only a hobby for me.  I have learned so much and been so encouraged from reading about so many bloggers and their healthy living journeys.  It’s been truly inspiring for me to see so many amazing transformations.  I guess maybe I am just wanting a little more real life and less commercial these days.