D.C. man sold drugs after delivering fatal body blows to 4-year-old, police said


By Scott McCabe

Four-year-old Kamari Zavon Taylor died after his caretaker delivered at least two body shots to his stomach then went outside to peddle marijuana, according to District of Columbia police.

Thirty-three-year-old Peter Ignatius Hendy III was charged with first-degree murder in Kamari’s death, and was ordered held Wednesday until his preliminary hearing.

According to charging documents, Taylor told his mom goodbye on her way to work Monday morning then asked to go outside to ride his scooter. Hendy and the boy went outside and the boy rode this scooter on the opposite side of the street around the 5600 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE.

When Hendy admonished Kamari for riding his scooter in an area he could not see him, Kamari replied that he didn’t have to listen to Hendy because he was not his father, the suspect told police.

Hendy said he responded by punching the child twice in the stomach, documents allege. He told police he thought the boy was being a “smart mouth kid.”

The boy rode off on his scooter, but when he returned his face was sweating profusely and his legs began to shake. Hendy said he thought the boy was dehydrated so he took the child into the apartment, gave him some water and placed him in bed.

Hendy admitted that he then went outside to sell some marijuana, and returned an hour later to check on the boy. Kamari had a “blank look” on his face and “looked spent,” documents said. Hendy noticed some bruising on the boy’s stomach, then went outside to sell some more marijuana.

After he checked on Kamari a second time, and this time he called 911 and the mother.

When she arrived to the apartment, she heard her boyfriend tell a uniformed police officer that he gave the boy “a body shot — but not hard.”

Kamari had been rushed to the Children’s National Medical Center, where the child died.

An autopsy found that Kamari had died from blunt force trauma to the torso and the manner of death to be homicide.

The doctor found bruising on the boy that appeared to be “knuckle marks,” documents said.

Hendy was arrested Tuesday.

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