Armed carjackers forced driver to sign over title


By Scott McCabe

Two Washington men were charged in an armed carjacking after D.C. police say they each pulled out guns and ordered a car owner to sign the title of the vehicle to them.

One suspect was arrested after he visited the 7th District Police Station to check whether there were any warrants in his name.

According to D.C. police, the car owner advertised the sale of his blue 1998 Ford Ecoline van and agreed to meet a potential buyer in Congress Heights in Southeast Washington.

The three men took a test drive and pulled into a nearby alley where the potential buyer, later identified as 21-year-old Earl Leavonte Robinson, pulled out a wad of cash, and the seller noticed a pistol in his lap.

“Why you have a gun? We going like that?” the owner asked.

Robinson nodded to his companion in the backseat, Wade Sims, 21, who had a handgun pointed at the owner, police said.

Robinson ordered the van owner to sign over the vehicle, police said. The man complied.

“The victim had no choice in the matter because he was staring down the barrel of two weapons,” said Lt. Mustafa Hammid of the D.C. police.

The men fled with the van, and the victim reported the carjacking to police. He was able to identify both suspects through a photo array.

Robinson later called the owner and told him that he should not have reported the incident, police said. He then apologized and offered to meet to return the keys. It’s unclear from charging documents whether the seller took him up on the offer, but on Wednesday undercover police spotted Sims in Congress Heights and arrested him.

The next day, Robinson went to the 7D station to see if he had any warrants for his arrest. Vice officers immediately recognized Robinson and arrested him. Both men were ordered held without bond until the next hearing.

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  • Denny Craneftw

    OK, kids, time to play Name The Race Of The Criminals!


      Let’s play, can you identify the racist? They are the first ones who ever bring race up into a discussion.

      • Valerie Jarrett.

        I want to play – judging by the Elizabethan English and syntax, I am going to go out on a limb and say they are obama voters. What say you, retired wing wiper?

      • LEL MN

        I think race has been an issue since The God of Abraham split up the gang at the Tower of Babel. Like kinds flock together and shun the different. And NO, we can’t all just get along.

      • Random Crunch

        Now let’s play identify the Ignorant Liberal R-Tard…^ It’s not racist to just say their race. If it was a white male it would be in the first paragraph. These days you can’t even have an accurate suspect description because the media will never list if they are “black”. Hell, when you have Boston police going door to door looking for a 19yo man of middle eastern descent, they drag middle-age white women into the streets at gunpoint, or when cops were looking for Christopher Dorner in L.A. they can apparently be “confused” by who they are after and shoot up a truck with 2 elderly white females. BLACK GUY!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A BLACK GUY!!! Not any black guy, but the criminal they are looking for happens to be black, not racist you morons.

      • tom

        He must have “provoked” them by profiling them After Zimmerman is “kangeroo courted” provoking blacks will be grounds for an armed attack.

    • Stan kwake

      I’m going to try really hard……I am 69 and am not too smart so here goes…..Uum…..I don’t know….OK. OK……I’m going with……..BLACK

  • Dennis Richardson

    All charges will be dropped because the police do not want to anger these men. Also, the policemen do not want to be accused of profiling any citizen of a particular race. A slap on the wrist and let them go their mary way to do it again.

  • Jack Leonard Black

    I put my money on the state allowing the title transfer to take place due to “RULES ARE RULES” and saying the victim should not have signed the document if he did not intend to sell it. I am not kidding, we have come a long way from common sense and justice in this country. I’m taking bets.

    • Vince

      Here in N.C. a Notary has to witness the signatures to make it legal so I doubt it would hold up.

  • LEL MN

    I’m in Minnesota, driving for 50 years, and have never carried the car title in my car, it’s at home in the cabinet over the kitchen counter.

    • Jeff

      Reading Comprehension 101
      The victim was trying to sell his van. Most people take the title with them when they try to sell a car.

      BTW … Who plans to steal a 98 Ecoline?

  • Bob White

    If Obama had a son buying a car, he would look like these guys. I see no difference in their car buying tactics and his health care law.

    • Elda

      Now that’s funny!

  • Mike

    Conceal Carry. .45 ACP. Two center mass, one to the head. Problem solved. Get your concealed carry permit today and tell the liberals to kiss your assss. Your family just might thank you for it.

  • Mr Cracker

    A description of someone is a description. Has nothing to do with racial profiling, whatever that is. If blacks aren’t guilty, why object?

  • Bumman

    Who carries their title around in their car???

  • Bumman

    Who carries their title around in their car???

    • Bumbling Barry

      Someone selling it after the test drive.

  • redruffansore

    This story is pure BS made up fairy dust nonsense, everyone knows there are no guns in DC because Great Liberal Master banned the natives from owing any because he knew they wouldn’t bother to read that constitution thing. Remember libt@rds, we’re all out here laughing at you, don’t you go changin now.

  • Scooter Van Neuter

    I’m guessing they were Asians…

  • Blu Clw

    @LEL MN
    911 was like Babel 2.0

    A many colored people who were once again speaking one language were flung apart on 911. And their tongues were once again confounded and made foreign to each other.

  • Blu Clw

    I bet Obama is the snake. Snakes are lazy, Obama is lazy, snakes like to stay on the grass, Obama likes to stay on the Green. Snakes whisper naughty things into women’s ears, Obama likes to slow jam the news. Yeah, I’m pretty sure hes the snake.

  • Jack Levitt

    This might be the stupidest crime in history. A 98 Econoline and a forced title signing at gun point…? Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong. I’m sure these were creepy arse krackas to do something so stupid.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Why didn’t the driver just shoot the hijackers?

    Oh. I get it. The driver was disarmed by the gun laws written by American Democrats —- while of course the armed thugs who robbed him were…..Democrats. See how that works? The government thugs and the street thugs don’t want their intended victims to be armed — and they’re ALL Democrats.

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  • brigittegrisanti

    Wow –Now what is really scary–You almost want to have cameras in your car to document everything now.But that will not work because they stolen car. I have never heard of this tactic before.

    Brigitte Grisanti