Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning can be challenging due to the hot weather around us and the dry grounds that produce dust. Spring cleaning can be challenging when do not know your roles in cleanings. Some people do not understand where to start and where to end. Spring cleaning can be an easy task if managed well with proper cleaning routines. Spring cleaning includes mostly removal of dust from house corners to various furniture.

Start with the ceilings. Washing is easy when started from the top going down. This is to ensure that your task is effective and does not include room for repetition. Start with vacuuming the dusty ceilings to keep off cobwebs and dust particles. You can use a long broom (like the harry potter one) that will reach the ceiling and work efficiency. Some ceilings are near so you just have to pull the table.

During vacuuming the ceiling, do not forget dusting the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans attract dust particles too like any other appliances. Thoroughly dusting of ceiling and ceiling fan will give a cleaner view on your ceilings. This should be done from the dining room to the bedroom.
Walls attract dust. It will be helpful if you clean the walls and keep free from dust. Ensure that they are vacuumed to prevent small brown colours if white. This is implied to all parts of the house.

Clean house openings. House openings are the most affected parts in the house during spring time. Windows and blinds accept air to blow in and out. Most of this air carry dust particle and tend to rest on the window. This is implied to all parts of the room. Doors in all rooms must be wiped.

In all rooms ensure that the lightings, mirrors and frames are properly wiped from dust.

Like a fading romance, are those long, hot showers getting shorter and less steamy? Another important home appliance you need to clean is your water heater. We know, tankless water heater repair is expensive [WaterHeaterTalk], the regular tankless water heater maintenance is essential. Efficiency of electric heater is fully restored using steps in this video.

In bedrooms ensure you clean up the furniture and empty closet. Clean up the closet and drawers to keep off dirt. Ensure that under the bed is also vacuumed and cleaned. After that vacuum the whole floor to ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned.
In bathrooms ensure that water tubs are cleaned. Wash mirrors, outside the cabinets and also the ground floor. Ensure that no dirty substance is noticed on the bathroom walls. Wash the bathroom and toilet windows. Most important wash the toilet seat inside and out.
Wash all appliances both in wash room and kitchen. Kitchen walls should be extra be taken care of since smoke and dust exist in the room. Vacuum the wall thoroughly and wash to remove the black carbonate particles on the wall. Do not forget kitchen appliances need extra cleaning such as dish washers and ovens.

Living room is the profiles house. Ensure it is the most sparkle clean room. Ensure sofa sets are vacuumed. Clean the appliances in the living room such as televisions, electronic wires and music systems. Ensure that the book shelves are also cleaned. Vacuum the mat and ensure all the furniture in the living room are cleaned.

Stay clean always.