Running Headphones

Earlier I saw a commercial that was just inspiring. It was about a guy running on his dwindling strength and having fun with whatever little is left of his will. The message was clear. Men are supposed to run. Running enforces the strength on places of our bodies that we really do need strength. Men finally need to realize that the lack of physical exercise is not helping the cause of finally getting up the race of life expectancy with women. Women – in terms of life expectancy have left us men in the dust and just feeling sorry for ourselves.

Running is a good start if we plan to make our health go up in our priority list. It is fun. It relates to travel which we men naturally love – next to women. It is easy to find time for running because it will usually take us an hour or three so it can easily fit the empty slots on our schedules.

Naturally we want to take as little of our tech gadgets with us as possible when we are away trying to serenade nature, because running is in a way our very own little quiet time with the world. If one has his choice I’m sure every landscape he would pick as his running terrain would be a beauty. The problem is we are just usually bogged down by time, money or responsibilities so our escape time keeps getting pushed back.

It is very unlikely to see anyone running with his laptop or even a tablet at hand. It just wouldn’t make sense and if there are other people in the area you’re jogging into, the guy carrying those luggages would probably give everyone a nice laugh. Personally, I like to run without my possessions that I tend to take of my shirt when I’ halfway through. It feels great! It feels like that is really how we are supposed to live.

When it comes to being with nature and sweating it out at the same time, people usually wants to have company while we are running free. Running headphones is an exception with our modern gadgets when it comes to running. Music is the perfect companion and serves as the backdrop of every place we are passing by when we run. We want them to stay in place though other than sounding good.

Running headphones are judged in their design and how they plan to stay in your ears just as much as how good they sound. They come in a variety of shapes and materials all to better have a grip on our ear lobes. Most are made up of material that makes them incredibly light and durable. There are designs called the “wraparounds” – these are headphones which are perfectly design for running as they would be stable and in place because they are wrapped around the neck. There are some with hooks so we can clip it at the back of our ears making sure they would not easily become loose during or laborious activity.